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What Really Matters For Winning

Some people get angry before they even start fight in boxing.

If you play to feed your ego or your anger, then what’s the point in winning? You’ve lost the game before you even play it.

I’m guilty myself for trying to win Football/Basketball match to feed my ego. Or to show the other team that I’m superior than them.

But that’s all the wrong reason to want to win at something. Heck, that’s the wrong reason to win at anything.

Since then, my values have changed.

Even if you win, but you’re winning for the wrong reasons like to feed your ego or to show off that you’re superior, you have lost horribly.

On the flip side, if you’ve lost the match, but you’re still tranquil and happy, I feel like you’ve won the match. It’s more difficult to stay calm with clarity than to win the match.

If I were to fight someone in Boxing or some other martial arts, I would consider myself to be a winner if I’ll be able to play in tranquil state of mind.

The ancient samurai used to believe that you lose a game before you even play it, if you fight for the wrong reasons.

Initial battle begins before you even play the game. The state of mind is the first battle. The one who’s not in good state of mind has lost the game before they even play it.

If both are tranquil, then the real game will start.

So nowadays, whenever I do anything, I just look into people’s state of mind.

While on business, are they working just to earn money, or to create value in people’s lives? If you’re just in for earning money, I won’t take you seriously, or think highly of you. It’s because that’s not sustainable at all.

Not only on business, it’s on anything that you can think of. I’m not learning a programming language just because my friend knows it.

I’m learning because I want to learn and create something out of it. If I learn just to keep up with my friends or show them that I know a programming language, what’s the use of it?

BTW, learning to program will never go to waste. I’m not trying to talk about if programming will be helpful in the long run irregardless of your intent. I’m just talking about the intent in everyday activity that you perform.

Working on something just for the sake of being superior to others or to feed the ego is a horrible reason to do so.

If you’re tranquil, you’ve won the game of life and everything that encompasses it. That’s what really matters for winning.

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