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Writing Back Again

It’s been a long time since I have not written anything on my blog. My writing went downhill after the earthquake.

Due to the earthquake, I couldn’t dedicate myself to the blog or my interests.

I’m hoping to improve that. This used to be my sacred place where I would share my life and views on philosophy and improvement. But I couldn’t protect it.

I moved towards photography, video editing, hanging out with friends, traveling, etc.

My outlook on life changed after the earthquake. And it changed how I live my life.

After not being able to write for so long, I was afraid to write. I thought my writing wouldn’t be as good as before and my brain wasn’t working for my blog.

I used to think about the content for a whole day before writing a post. But I had stopped doing that and focused my time on spending time with my friends and other people.

I had lots of stuff in my mind for the past few months which I couldn’t capture into words. I definitely regret that. But not to the point where I’d want to sacrifice my precious time for that.

I’m least happy that I spent my time properly while I didn’t write. I was living my life. I was being present.

I took lots of photos during that time. So, I have photo memories of those days that I want to look back into. Those photos serve as my journals. I have uploaded all those photos to google photos, so it should be easier for me to view it by day.

I’ve realized that if you keep on working on something, you get better at it. But if you leave it, you reach where you started. I have picked up many habits over the past few years. But I don’t have them now. It’s because I stopped doing it.

We shouldn’t feel anxious that we couldn’t contribute towards our goal. Rather, we need to be aware that it’s pretty normal.We are not robots. So we won’t be able to do one thing for the rest of our life.

Anyway, I just wanted to break the silence on my blog with this post. I’ll be updating this blog in the future. See you soon!

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