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Being Able to Think is Humans Greatest Asset and Hindrance

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Being able to think is the greatest asset of human being. But it can also be the greatest hindrance while trying to live in the present moment. It stops us from going or living with the flow. Thinking is both asset and hindrance.

For me, thinking is either a greatest asset or a greatest hindrance. It doesn’t lie in between.

I can’t stop thinking even if I want to. And I miss out the moment which I should have enjoyed.

In social situations, if you can’t move with the flow, you will perform poorly. People who have the habit of thinking ‘what do I say next?’ when talking with people, will not be able to be in state. When you aren’t in state and keep thinking what to say next, you lose the moment. Not only the moment, you lose out a good opportunity to connect with other people.

People will love you if you can go with the flow and talk whatever comes next. Not the person who keeps thinking what do I say next. If you keep thinking as such, you’ll have problems connecting with the people. It’s because you are solely focused on thinking instead of connecting with the people.

Instead of enjoying your trip, most people take photographs. When you take photographs, you miss out on the actual moment. That’s the same thing applies with thinking. If you keep thinking, you’ll miss out on the actual moment. If you miss out on actual moment, you won’t enjoy life.

Here, thinking is the greatest hindrance for you.

However, if you aren’t able to think, you won’t be able to progress as a human being. We would be stuck in dark ages till now.

So, the appropriate solution would be to learn when to think and when not to. Of course, it’s beyond our control. But I believe, we have at least some control over it. We can master it over time.

For example: You can practice meditation to learn to be in the moment. And then you can use the deep breathing technique to come back to the moment when you’re distracted or thinking.

Other times, when you’re free, you can practice writing ideas. For that, you’ll have to think and exercise the idea muscle. So, allocate a time for that as well.

I usually think at night. That’s when I come up with idea. I have disciplined myself to not think at other times. Also, I usually come up with ideas while I’m wandering in the park. Those are the time, I’ve solely allocated to thinking.

When I’m not thinking, I’m living in the present moment. If my brain starts to think, I take a deep breadth and bring myself to the present moment.

In a nutshell, thinking is human’s greatest asset, but it can also be a greatest hindrance. You can make thinking on specific times your habit and exercise your idea muscle. Other times, you can be in the present moment. For that, you can practice meditation and deep breathing techniques.

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