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When The Whole World Is Watching The World Cup

Some years ago, I stopped watching TV because it was too distracting.

And during that time, I stopped taking sports seriously, because it wouldn’t solve any major problems in the world and wouldn’t benefit me in anyway except for the instant gratification and thrill I’d get.

So, I stopped watching and taking sports seriously. I’d watch some match, but only to refresh my brain.

I like to learn the team’s strategy and how they use it to win. Why teams lose and what makes them win. I would be interested in those stuff, because I could use those tricks and techniques into my own life. So I’d watch some match occasionally for that reason.

When the whole world is watching the World Cup, it’s very tempting to watch it.

But that’s exactly what I don’t want to do.

The whole world is also addicted to news 24/7. What if I slowly fall into that zone because it’s tempting just like how I fell for the World Cup?

I’ve been moving backwards. I’ve mentioned before that it’s easier to fall and go downhill than move up to improve yourself.

The World Cup caught me and brought me down. I easily fell into the reality of the World Cup.

I wasn’t aware of it until I realized that I had ditched all my habits and progress to make it happen.

  • I take sleep seriously, but I constantly woke up at 1:45 AM to watch the game.
  • I don’t usually watch TV, but I did while watching the World Cup.
  • I don’t waste time on activities which doesn’t help me in the long run, but I am wasting.
  • There’s actually no point in watching the World Cup, but I’m watching.

You can be very serious about your goals, but you slowly get dragged down into mediocre realities. Your reality becomes weaker compared to them because everyone else is doing something else, something easy, so why not you? Why not just sit back and enjoy?

With this, I’ve learned that you need to be aware of what you’re doing at all times. That’s the reason why Time Tracking works. If you time track, you can figure out where you’re wasting your time.

Disruption of your habits is the indication that you’re moving in the wrong direction.

Be aware of it at all times.

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